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Jan 23, 2013 11:00am PST
and stayed in close contact with officials from across the government and the libyan government. i did see what the ambassador and the chairman called timely and exceptional coordination. no delays in decision making and no denials of support from washington or the military. i want to echo the praise for the valor and courage of the people on the ground, especially security professionals in benghazi and tripoli. the board said our response saved lives in realtime and it did. the very next morning, i told the american people and i quote, heavily armed militants assaulted the compound and vowed to bring them to justice. i stood later that day with president obama as he spoke of an act of terror. you may recall at the same time period we were also seeing violent attacks on our embassies in cairo, tunas as well as large protests outside many other posts from india to indonesia where thousands of our diplomats serve. i ordered a review of the security posture around the world with particular scrutiny for high threat posts. i asked the department of defense to join inner agency security assessme
Jan 25, 2013 11:00am PST
privileged, selective use of government and public moneys to save selected group of people and allow other people, particularly the millions with the homes foreclosed to fend for themselves and the market rally, not just today but the markets doing extremely well over the past months, it kind of depend. great if you're in the markets and right if you have a 401(k) you are in the market but most people don't have a 401(k). many people do. >> when we talk about his legacy, is it really going to be the phrase to big too fail? >> i think that's what's stuck to him right now. whatever sticks to someone in realtime, you know, may or may not -- >> perception is reality. >> but only reality for the time that it's reality. meaning, truman went out of office with the lowest public approval ratings of man kind and what history says about timothy geithner we leave to the future in that it's clear there's systemic stability. we can debate about whether or not we are where we are want to be and going to go where we want to go. but i think it's very difficult to make the argument we're worse off today th
Jan 28, 2013 11:00am PST
with the government, i don't know what their ultimate purpose is here. so, when we talk about the nation's security, reform is necessary for security. as it is for the elements of our principles as it relates to enhancing what we have lalready done. when i talk about the nation's economy, reform is critical to the nation's economy. the reality is that even in a very tight economy, there are all types of industries in our country which have used the work of immigrants every day to achieve the economic goals of those industries. if you got up this morning and had fruits for breakfast, it was probably picked by the bept back of aim grant worker. if you, in fact, had vegetables for a chicken for lunch you probably had it deplucked by the hands, the cut up hands of an immigrant worker. if you slept in a hotel or motel of the nation, you probably had your room done by an immigrant worker. if you are looking at some of the cutting edge technologies in our country, you probably saw the ability of making america a more prosperous, competitive place in the world by the intellect of an immigrant worker. this
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)